Work and Travel USA 2004: Employment Agreement



Employer Section: Please read and complete the following section below (attach additional sheets of paper if necessary).


I hereby certify that_________________________________________________________(name of student) has been offered


employment with our company___________________________________________________________(name of company).




Name of Contact Person (and title):___________________________________Phone (+ extension):____________________


Fax:______________________e-mail:_________________________________Best time to call:______________________


Dates of Employment* (month /day/year) Start:_____/______/______End:_____/______/_______*(maximum four months).


Job Title:_____________________________Wage per hour *:_______________________*(excluding tips and/or bonuses).


Expected tips and/or bonuses (attach a separate sheet describing the rules associated with any extra compensation).


Average number of work hours per week:__________Housing Available: Yes No Housing Deposit (if any):_____________


Housing cost per week/month (if any):_____________ Attach a separate sheet describing the housing provided or how you


will assist in finding housing for your employees (InterExchange employers are responsible for housing students).


Comments and any contractual obligation (attach a separate sheet).


________________________________ __________________________ _________/_________/_________

Name and title of employer (in capitals) Signature Date (month/day/year)









Employee Section: Please read and complete the following section below.

Statement of Acceptance:


In accepting the position above, I agree to work four months or less in total, and until the last day of work stated above.


I understand that either I or ___________________________________(company) can terminate the employment relationship


at any time with prior notice (customary practice: two weeks advance notice by the employee) and for any reasons not


prohibited by law. I understand that my duties and responsibilities may vary during the period of my employment.


________________________________ __________________________ _________/_________/_________

Name (in capitals) Signature Date (month/day/year)






InterExchange Inc.


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